quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

Starfire Connective Sound "The Sound Also Rises EP" e "Self-Titled EP" (2011)

"The Sound Also Rises EP" (2011)
01 Drive The Breeze
02 The Girl With A Country Name
03 The Sound Also Rises
04 Acid Morning Ride
05 To Dream That You Are Floating Drunk Among The Storm
06 No Horse Heaven
07 Head Full Of Ghosts, Heart Full Of Whores
08 Drive The Breeze (Echo Vocal Mix) Bonus Track

"Starfire Connective Sound EP" (2011)
01 I Sweep The Streets Without Finding God
02 They Call Her One Eye
03 This Modern Cave
04 Electric Whore
05 Love Is A Lonely  Ghost Floating Inside
06 Walt Whitman's Brain
07 Starfire Connective Sound

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